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Better late than never

July 2023

Ok, Alberto really dropped the ball this time. Many things happened since the last post, so many things will be captured in this one:

- We got an Ideas grant in December 2020, to cover our catch-up growth experiments between Jan 2021 and Dec 2024.

- Ehsan joined the Melbourne lab in November 2021, Shani in May 2022, John and Kai around Feb 2023.

- We had several lab gatherings, a memorable one in April 2023. After a nice dinner, we went bowling, and Ehsan rocked it! He says it was his first time...

- Isha got her own HFSP fellowship in 2023, to start her inter-species chimeras studies in October 2023 in Cambridge, with an internship in Japan. We look forward to welcoming her.

- Alberto moved to Cambridge in June 2023, and is now catching-up with the webpage...

Anyway, better late than never. Or, as they would say in Melbourne:

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